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Hi there! Our topic of interest today is the summary of Bapsi Sidhwa’s novel “An American Brat”. Sidhwa is widely known for her Ice Candy Man, a Partition novel that explores the partition of India. Well, an American Brat was written in 1993. Feroza Ginwalla is the young protagonist in this novel. The protagonist is essentially called the main character of the story or a novel. In the novel, Feroza finds herself caught between two different cultures. So let’s start the story. Just stick with me till the end of this article. I hope that you will enjoy the read.

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An American Brat Summary || Bapsi Sidhwa

A protected 16-year-old Pakistani girl, Feroza Ginwalla, is sent to America by her parents because they are alarmed by the fundamentalism overtaking Pakistan. Feroza hopes to close the cultural divide and forge her own path in life. Hence, she views her trip to America as a chance for education and personal development, despite her parents’ worries.

Feroza’s parents got more than they expected. Because Feroza is fascinated by American culture and her independence. Now, she wants to stay in America.  Feroza is allowed to attend college on the condition that she will return home and marry well.


Feroza’s opinions of America, her motherland, and herself start to change when she becomes a student in a small western town. Here, she falls in love with a Jewish American and wants to marry and live her own life peacefully. But her family is horrified. Feroza recognizes how much she has changed even though her family doesn’t agree. At the same time, She was also thinking about how much more she could change.

This delightful tale of childhood is not only hilarious but also presents America from the viewpoint of a bright young immigrant.


Zareen and Cyrus || Summary of An American Brat

Zareen and Cyrus, (the parents) a Pakistani couple who sent their daughter to the USA because Mom was worried about her daughter Feroza who was being influenced by fundamentalist Muslims in Pakistan. It was an effort to help her child find some Western girl power. That is why Zareen sent her daughter Feroza to Houston.

But once here, Feroza learns something unexpected. She decides to marry an American Jewish boy while living the American dream.


Zareen and Cyrus are informed about this information in the form of an innocent letter that makes the entire family panic. Because the family is Zoroastrian, which is the biggest trouble for her.

Because Zoroastrian is an ancient religion that does not allow girls to marry outsiders. If Feroza were to marry this non-Parsi boy, it would bring shame upon the entire family.

Despite feeling shaken by the news, Zareen remains remarkably calm compared to Mumma. Mumma is Feroza’s well-intentioned but very manipulative and cunning grandmother. Mumma suggests Zareen needs to go to America right now to discuss the matter with Feroza. 

So, Zareen is ready to go on a journey that will change both her and her daughter’s lives forever.

This story has a lot of jokes about mothers-in-law and the surprising things kids do nowadays. But all of it is controlled with such joy by director Brad Dalton and his superb cast that even the stuff that feels fairly old becomes the cause of entertainment.

Summary of An American Brat

Zareen finds that her daughter has grown in conduct the Pakistani mother could never have imagined. Feroza’s living situation is the first trouble for Zareen. Feroza stays with her fiancé David (Luke Eddy) and a girl named Jo. Zareen admires Jo (though she doesn’t realize this lovely girl is a lesbian), but she hardly speaks to David…at first.

Zareen starts to get used to American freedoms after spending some time in Houston. And regardless of her task which is to break off the engagement of her daughter. She starts to like the young man. As they spend more time together, he takes her shopping at the Galleria as an act of affection. Zareen buys pale pink hot pants there and appreciates the young man’s kindness towards her.

In fact, Zareen appreciates America and its liberties so much that she starts to realize why her daughter Feroza has changed. It seems as if she will accept the choice of her daughter. At the same time, a phone call from Cyrus and Mumma reminds Zareen of her purpose in America.

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It is realized that Feroza is not the only one whose family is concerned about her choices. David’s grandmother, known as ‘Bubbe, is also not so happy with the fact that her grandson wants to marry outside the faith, and she inserts her opinion into the situation. Indeed, the future of a young couple starts to look very dark at the end of one particularly difficult evening.

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