John Keats as a Romantic Poet

Keats is in many approaches the most romantic of all romantic poets. Romantic poetry focuses on the whole expression of people in comparison to classical poetry. Other romantic poets have some political or social feedback on their poetry. But the poetry of Keats isn’t a car of any prophecy. It is poetry for its very own sake. It has no ethical, no political, or social importance. Consequently, it is the purest poetry. We are going to have a look at John Keats as a Romantic Poet. Major themes of John Keats’s poetry are love for nature, The Inevitability of Death, Immortality rather than Mortality, and The Contemplation of Beauty

John Keats as a Romantic Poet

Poetry of escape:

All romantic poetry is greater or much less escapist. Romantic poetry provides not the world of fact, but the universe of dreams. The romantic poet seeks a get away from the difficult realities of life inside the international of romance and beauty. Keats is the maximum romantic of all the poets in the texture that he’s the maximum escapist of them all.

Love of the Past:

Like all romantic poets, Keats seeks an escape from the past. His creativity is caught by using historic Greek in addition to the dignity and splendor of the Middle Ages. Most of his poetry is stimulated via the past. It is not often that he devotes himself to the urgent problems of the present.

Romantic Themes declare John Keats as a Romantic Poet

The subjects of Keats’ poetry are romantic within nature. Most of his poetry is devoted to the search for splendor, love, adventure, and so forth. These are a number of the themes of his poems. Another stress that runs via his poetry is the yr of loss of life that haunts him continuously and which reveals lovely expressions in his sonnet. Another favorite subject matter of his poems is disappointment in love.

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Love for Nature describes John Keats as a Romantic Poet

Like all romantics, Keats loves nature and its diverse charms. He has a vibrant enjoyment of shade and he transfigures the whole thing into splendor.

Supernatural Elements:

One of the most putting notes of romantic poetry is that of supernaturalism. Just because romantic poets look backward from the existing to the distant past, so he looks beyond the scene to the unseen. Among the romantic poets, Coleridge felt the spell of supernaturalism the maximum, and his Ancient Mariner and Christabel are two of his important poems which handled supernaturalism.

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